Open From 10:00 and 21:00 Monday to Saturday - Please Call 01934 750 110 or 07704 155843 for advice on purchasing your next chair!


  • How soon will I receive my new chair? Our lighter chairs typically take up to two weeks to arrive, however, our heavier chairs take between two and four weeks to arrive.
  • What if my chair is showing as out of stock? It should show a date for when they are back in stock on the chairs page at the top. Getting an order in place ensures your chair will be allocated from the most forthcoming container.
  • Can I pick a delivery date? Absolutely! As soon as your chair is ready for delivery, you will receive a phone call to get a date locked in place that suits you. We will always work around you!
  • How can I see samples? At the lower end of the page is the "Colour Range", and beneath that is the option to request a swatch of the material.
  • Do these chairs require assembly? Yes, however, if you know your way around an Allen key, you will be just fine! It can be a bit finnicky at times, so a spare set of hands always helps. If you need any advice, feel free to email at any time.
  • Can we come to your showroom? As a family-run online retailer, we decided against having a showroom, as this allows us to keep our prices competitve, and our service personalised. Please email us for any futher information.
  • What is Plush PU? Plush PU is the latest in man-made alternative leather. Designed to improve upon previous iterations flaking problem, the Plush PU is a hard-wearing and incredibly accurate replica of leather, at a fraction of the cost. 
  • How can I chase my order? Please never hesitate to drop us an email, as we are always operating our top-class customer service. We can normally get the information you need within the hour
  • Is there a delivery charge? Most postcodes within the UK are free of charge, however, there is a delivery fee to the Isles, as well as some remote areas of the UK. Please contact us if you'd like to check if there are any fees for you!